I found this year apochromic Ophrys apifera var. badensis, Ophrys araneola, Ophrys fuciflora as well as partial apochromic Ophrys fuciflora. In addition I found the Ophrys apifera-lusi Ophrys apifera var. badensis and Ophrys apifera var. friburgensis.


Done! After many winter evenings in front of the PC my webpage appears in a new, modern design. Ad-free.

For comparison, the old layout

Alte Homepage


In 2015, I have seen on numerous excursionst in addition to Listera cordata, the hybrids Dactylorhiza fuchsii x majalis, Ophrys apifera x fuciflora, Ophrys fuciflora x insectifera, Ophrys fuciflora x sphegodes and Ophrys sphegodes x insectifera. Furthermore fand ich neben einer apochromic Ophrys fuciflora hypochromic Orchis mascula, Orchis militaris, Orchis morio and Orchis morio-albinos. The photos are now online.


The site Apricot was added to the record harvest in 2014.


2014 I made a wonderful Greece circular tour. The result after 3.100 km drive are more than 60 found wild orchids. A small selection of 567 orchid photos and a travelogue can be found here.


Beginning of 2013 I was on a two weeks‘ backpacker tour in Vietnam. My travelogis now online. Furthermore you find on the next sites specials about Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve, the endangered monkeys of Vietnam and to the reasons for Vietnam’s species extinction.


You can find a new site about the non-hardy lemon tree in the area ‚Exotic Fruit Plants‘.


I was looking this year for orchids in the Alps and the Abruzzi. Now are the travelogs online.


Finally. After five years fruited my self grown ananas plant. You can find the photos here.


I have taken numerous photos and found some new species during my excursions in Germany, Austria and the Abruzzi. A part of the photos can you find now on the sites Aceras, Anacamptis, Cephalanthera, Coeloglossum, Dactylorhiza, Epipactis, Gymnadenia, Himantoglossum, Leucorchis, Limodorum, Listera, Neottia, Nigritella, Ophrys aesculapii – corsica, Ophrys creberrima – insectifera, Ophrys iricolor – panattensis, Ophrys parvimaculata – zonata, Orchis, Platanthera, Serapias and Traunsteinera.


This year, I have found in Germany, Austria and the Abruzzi some hybrids and albinos. You can find the photos on the sites hybrids and variants.


You can find a new site about the hardy Common Pawpaw, a very hardy member of the Annona family with delicious fruits, in the area ‚Exotic Fruit Plants‘.


The site fen bed was revised. The site was added by some photos and the experiences of the first year.


The site recipes was expanded by the recipes spruce syrup, dandelion jelly and woodruff syrup.


The site botanical tulips was revised. Among other things photos of a number of further species were added.


Beginning of August I found the Bog Orchid (Hammarbya paludosa). You can find the photos on the new created site Hammarbya.


On the new created site sundews in their natural German habitat I publish photos of the three in Germany native sundew species. On the site bladderworts in their natural German habitat I added photos of the Lesser Bladderwort (Utricularia minor).


I have revised the site ‚orchid journeys‘, Germany. Among other things, several picture galleries were added.


On the site recipes I have published several culinary variations of elderflowers.


Until now, I have found several carnivorous plant species in Germany in their natural habitat. I publish now some of the photos on the new created sites butterworts in their natural German habitat and bladderworts in their natural German habitat..


In July, I have some – for me new – orchid species photographed. You find the photos on the new created sites Chamorchis, Goodyera and Herminium. Photos of Spiranthes aestivalis can you find here, von Orchis ustulata ssp. aestivalis here, and of Epipactis leptochila here.


My Borneo travelogue was elected by the German travel portal to the travelogue of the month March 2012. Here is the direct link to my Borneo travelogue. I thank you for this award.


In the new created area press you can find newspaper articles about this webpage.


In the new created area ‚Long-distance Journeys‘ you can find an introduction to the tropics. In particular the ecology and the endangerment of the tropics are dealt with. In addition I report about our journey to Borneo in 2011. Beside of our travelog Borneo 2011 you can find a special about Dayaks, pitcher plants and orangutans.


You can find a new site about the non-hardy Lemon Grass in the area ‚Exotic Fruit Plants‘.


You can find three new sites under the area of ’service‘. Under merchants you find a dealer list for ground orchids, carnivorous plants and other plants, the literature I use and some book recommendations I present under literature. In addition you will find in the future sundry suggestions for the processing of wild fruits under recipes.


As of now pictures are partially within a popup-window enhanced presentable. I use the Lightbox2 – script which you can get here. Enlargeable pictures are marked on the the right of the bottom by this symbol: lightbox If several pictures on a site are marked by this symbol the pictures will be open in a gallery. If you move the cursor to the left or right side of the picture a button ‚ Prev ‚ or ‚ Next ‚ will be shown. By clicking on the buttons you will get to the previous or next picture. A navigation is also possible by pushing the keys ‚P‘ (for previous) or ‚N‘ (for next) and alternatively by pushing the cursor keys ‚left‘ or ‚right‘.


The last days I made considerably additions of the content under the area of ‚carnivorous plants‘. Furthermore, I added under the menu topic ‚garden projects: miscellaneous‘ a new page on which I present some hardy exotic plants like Giant Sequoia, Empress Tree, Chinese Wisteria, Ginkgo, Magnolia and Witch-hazel.


For more transparency all links with which you will leave my site will be separately marked in the future. The links will have the following appearance: Here you get to the Google website.


I added a library under the area of service in which you can find definitions of technical terms. If a technical term is defined in the library and is used on another page, then you will find such a direct-link to the library.


My website is relocated to a ad-free host. Henceforth you can reach my website at


As of now you can find on the left side of the website Google search box with which you can search my website. Furthermore, a scheme of my site in alphabetical order and a Sitemap are still available.


Since the launch of my website I added numerous information. In particular, this concerns the topic european orchids. In the meantime you can find 874 photos of 174 pure species here. Also the introduction to this topic is more detailed. In addition, further websites you can find under the menu item links.


A guestbook is available now. Feel free to write something in it.


Today is the launch of my new website ‚Fancy Plants‘.