Sardinia 2009


Sardinia is for every friend of native orchids an absolute obligatory destination. Not only because of the endemic species like the beautiful Ophrys panattensis or Ophrys normannii and Ophrys chestermannii. The island impresses by its abundance of orchids, both concerning the number of species and also concerning the density of individuals.

Highly recommended destinations are the Northwest, where you can find on several locations the otherwise very rare Gennaria diphylla, also recommended destinations are the regions in the north of Domusnovas, around Seui and the mountains near Dorgali.


date weekday visited locations
17.04.2009 Friday arrival
18.04.2009 Saturday Ittiri, Punta Negra, Lago Baratz
19.04.2009 Sunday Monte Arvigano, Lago die Temo, beach Is Arenas
20.04.2009 Monday Di Antas-Tempel
21.04.2009 Tuesday north of Domusvovas
22.04.2009 Wednesday north of Domusvovas
23.04.2009 Thursday Monte Genna Luas, Ortuabis, Seui
24.04.2009 Friday Ussassai, Ponte su Crabiolu, Lanusei
25.04.2009 Saturday Calo Ganone, Ispinigoli
26.04.2009 Sunday Nuoro, then via SP125 to Olbia
27.04.2009 Monday no orchid locations
28.04.2009 Tuesday departure

Further information

A very recommendable pension with beautiful and cheap rooms in the Southwest of Sardinia is Il Castello di Gioiosa Guardia, managed by the very hospitable Betty Mascia.
The Bed & Breakfast hostel is located in Villamassargia, circa 5 km southeast of Domusnovas.

Found species

no. genus species notice
1. Aceras anthropophorum
2. Anacamptis pyramidalis
3. Barlia robertiana
4. Cephalanthera damasonium
5. longifolia
6. Dactylorhiza insularis
7. Epipactis tremolsii
8. Gennaria diphylla
9. Limodorum abortivum
10. trabutianum
11. Neotinea maculata
12. Ophrys annae
13. apifera
14. apifera lusus
15. bombyliflora
16. chestermannii
17. corsica
18. corsica lusus
19. eleonorae
20. funerea
21. incubacea
22. morisii
23. morisii lusus
24. neglecta
25. neglecta x bombyliflora hybrid
26. neglecta x morisii hybrid
27. normannii
28. ortuabis
29. panattensis
30. speculum
31. subfusca ssp. liveriani
32.  Orchis brancifortii
33. ichnusae
34. ichnusae hypochrome
35. lactea
36. laxiflora
37. longicornu
38. longicornu hypochrome
39. morio
40. papilionacea
41. papilionacea albino
42. papilionacea ssp. grandiflora
43. papilionacea x longicornu hybrid
44. provincialis
45. Serapias cordigera
46. lingua
47. lingua f. tepalopatens
48. nurrica
49. parviflora
50. parviflora albino
51. vomeracea
Phrygana near Punta Negra, inter alia habitat of Gennaria diphylla and Serapias cordigera.
Cork tree near Monte Arvigano, habitat of many orchid species.
Temple Di Antas.
Temple Di Antas.
Arbutus tree with little fruits in the forests around Domusvovas.
Mountain near Dorgali.
Road near Dorgali, habitat of the endemic Ophrys panattensis.
Car racing in Nuoro.