Chinese Date (Ziziphus jujuba)


Chinese Date (Ziziphus jujuba), June 2011.

The Chinese Date, also Jujube called, originates in China. It is a member of the Buckthorn family (Rhamnaceae). The dried berries have a relevance as pectoral tea in the case of colds.


The Jujube is a hardy, spiky shrub or tree. Maximum height is ten metres. Numerous alternate, relative small leaves. In May and June are the hermaphrodite yellow-grenn flowers appearing. In sunny summers ripen also in Germany up to two centimetres long, red, slightly sour tasting, aromatic stone fruits.


Jujubes should be hardy at least in regions with mild winters. Frost tolerance is reported with -15°C. Apart from that the Jujube is considered as undemanding and disease-free.



In late summer 2010 I bought a circa 25 centimetres high plant, which I planted out.


Winter was with frost protection survived without any damages. Because of an unusual warm April the Jujube showed a relative early budding. Early May the plant was exposed a night with late frost. Unfortunately the whole budding is frozen. In the meantime the plant has sprouted once more and shows a good growth.

  • Systematics

  • Order: Rosales
  • Family: Rhamnaceae
  • Tribus: Paliureae
  • Genus: Ziziphus
  • Propagation

  • generative
  • Culture

  • moderate
  • Fruits

  • possible
  • USDA – Zone

  • 7b (-14,9°C)