Pizza oven

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3D-simulation with Blender v2.66.1

3D-simulation in Blender.
Shuttering of the base plate.
Completed base plate.
The subconstruction. This sustains later the intermediate ceiling and the combustion chamber.
After reinforcing mesh were placed between the substructure and clinker wall, I started with the brick facing.
Creation of an arc. As construction lines I have used tailored Styrofoam plates.
Meanwhile, the brick facing has reached the height of the substructure. The gap was filled with mortar.
The barbecue is created, as well as the arc of the wood niche.
Now the base has reached its final height.
Construction of the suspended ceiling. First I put a layer of concrete slabs, ...
... then installation of the reinforcement grid, ...
... und and finally a circa 10 cm concrete slab.
Now I turn back to my grill. There I build an ash chute.
Finally. The base is finished. The wood niche has been supplied to their function.