Lobster-pot Trap (Genlisea)

This member of the Bladderwort family is distributed with 21 species in South America and in Africa. Interesting is, that none of the species is to be found on both continents. Until now Lobster-pot Traps lead in the collections a shadowy existence. This has different reasons. First, the most interesting trap is underground and thus a direct observation not accessible. Except for the traps the plant is in other respects quite unspectacular. It has a few millimetres to maximal a few centimetres great and grass-like to oval leaves and produces occasionally rather small flowers. Overall the overground aspect of the plant is quite boring. In the end several Lobster-pot Traps are as tropical plants not easy in culture.

Trap mechanism

The trap mechanism was already detailed described on the previous site.

Culture and propagation

The culture of Lobster-pot Traps as tropical inhabitants takes at best place all-year indoor. Even at midsummer night temperatures fall distinct below 15 °C in our country in times of low pressure, with what Lobster-pot Traps disagree. The ideal location is therefore indoor and due to a preference for a high humidity in a closed terrarium. The growth is under artificial light good, in the case of natural light direct sun is to avoid. Lobster-pot Traps prefer an airy soil (therefore a mixture of peat and quartz sand 2:1 to 1:1, perhaps with perlite in addition). Watered is in high ebb and flood irrigation system, also a temporary flooding is well tolerated. Lobster-pot Traps have high demands on water. This always has to be fresh and should to change regularly. With decaying, stagnant water you will kill your Lobster-pot Trap.

In Germany are only a few species in culture, among other things also because of the high culture demands of some species. Relative simple species are Genlisea hispidula, Genlisea margaretae and Genlisea violacea.


Genlisea africana, Genlisea angolensis, Genlisea aurea, Genlisea barthlottii, Genlisea filiformis, Genlisea glabra, Genlisea glandulosissima, Genlisea guianensis, Genlisea hispidula, Genlisea lobata, Genlisea margaretae, Genlisea pallida, Genlisea pygmaea, Genlisea repens, Genlisea roraimensis, Genlisea sanariapoana, Genlisea stapfii, Genlisea subglabra, Genlisea taylorii, Genlisea uncinata, Genlisea violacea.