Exotic Fruit Plants


Did you ever eat a purple passion fruit which ripened in Germany? Not? Though it is not difficult to grow up a plant from a purple passion fruit out of a fruit stand, which gets also here in warm summers fruits after two to three years. The propagation of exotic plants from fruits is really not difficult and succeed by almost all species. Once you begun it is like a slight addiction or a passion for collecting. You will accept more and more new challenges.

To grow up plants from exotic fruits is really not difficult, only a few species are little divas. Beside of this generative method of propagation plants can also be propagated vegetative, that is a propagation by parts of the plant. Examples that can mentioned are the sweet potato or the ginger from their storage organs as reliably grow up a new plant as from a potato if this will be potted. But also from an ananas tuft you can grow up a plant easily.

The range in generative propagation, namely a propagation by seeds, is not limited on fruits which are usually offered in the fruit section of a discounter. Great stores or special fruit sellers seasonal offer beside „standard exots“ often a series of other fruits. Mostly you can find these in winter because the fruits are in summer in competition with native fruit sorts on the one hand and therefore are worse selled, on the other hand they derive from the southern hemisphere, so that they are ripening especially if in Germany is winter.

Those with not enough patience for raising for many years, can buy a larger specimen of almost all species. Meanwhile some special nurseries exist which are focused on this plant group.

As easy as the growing of exotic plants is their further cultivation. Within two to four years many ssedlings will grow up to quite handsome plants which will bloom then for the first time and get some fruits with some luck. Only a few species need for a longterm cultivation the usage of high tech or of a greenhouse. Most species may keep outdoors in summer und overwinter indoors with no damage.

For many years I have focused on the cultivation of plants, which I have grown from fruits myself. On the following sites I will present you my experiences.

The biggest problem in longterm cultivation is the hibernation. Therefore the plants are divided into hardy and non-hardy species.

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