Date Plum Tree (Diospyrus lotus)


Budding of a Date Plum Tree, summer 2011.

The more frost resistant Date Plum Tree is a close relative to the Japanese Persimmon. This member of the Ebony family (Ebenaceae) originates in China.


Date Plum Trees grow up to trees up to a height of 30 metres. The foliage is similar to the foliage of a Japanese Persimmon. The blue-black fruits, one to two centimetres in diameter, will ripen until autumn. The taste is mild-sweet, rather tasteless. Date Plum Trees are used for a long time as graft base for Japanese Persimmons.


Date Plum Trees are relative undemanding. The frost resistance is with -20°C good.



In spring I ordered a Date Plum Tree via internet, which was unfortunately delivered not until the summer. Despite daily irrigation the specimen rooted only sparse and showd only a sparse budding.


The specimen didn’t survive the winter. Probable it died already in autumn. Also my Japanase Persimmon Tree was a victim of the winter. But this spring it sprout strongly from the graft base once more. Traditionally, Date Plum Trees are the graft base of Japanese Persimmon Trees.

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  • Systematics

  • Order: Ericales
  • Family: Ebenaceae
  • Subfamily: Ebenoideae
  • Genus: Diospyros
  • Propagation

  • generative
  • Culture

  • moderate
  • Fruits

  • often
  • USDA – Zone

  • 6b (-20,4°C)